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Grief Counselling and Caregiver Support

This new normal doesn't feel so normal.

It happened. Your feelings matter. You are not alone.

Whether you are caring for someone else or nestled in the throws of grief, this is a transformational season in your life. 


When we are struggling with the loss of a loved one or providing care for them, everything we believe to be true, all of our long-held beliefs can begin to fade into the background of our lives. We may start to question all of it.  You may have discovered me while searching for information online. You may not even know what you are searching for. Please know you are NOT alone. Grief is a process, a life-altering shift. 


Everyone has a unique path when it relates to grief, no matter what age, or what kind of relationship you had with your loss or circumstance. We all experience it in our own way.

I believe we are all born with a light within each one of us. I was blessed to have a mother who radiated this daily even through her most challenging moments before she left this earth. Even when we experience our darkest seasons of loss and grief our light still exists. It may be dimmed, it may be dulled or may be a speckle, but if you are here- if you exist, then you have that light. It may take time. There is no timeline to feel a glimmer of light.

Exhale, and know that you still matter. Your path is still wide open.

Isn't it about time that you offer the same amount of care and attention to yourself that you show to others?



The New Feels

Everything now feels like life after, and everything else you knew was before your loved one was here on this earth.  You do want to feel better. But, you have an ache and longing that won’t go away. I am committed to supporting my clients in re-establishing a connection with who they are during the grieving process. Speaking to someone may very well be the last thing you want to do. 

It is a courageous step to make the call to unload all of your pain and tears. 

This is your grief. 

 I Support


📌Those who are grieving and experiencing loss

📌Caregivers experiencing grief during this difficult period while caring for their 

loved one, I will support you through this nuanced time in your life. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but you long for a safe place to put your feelings 

📌Caregivers who now are grieving the loss of their loved one

  • Grief is a normal, natural response to loss

  • You are not "crazy," grief is not something we try to overcome or try "recover" from or "fix"

  • You want to find an outlet that is not your friends or family 

  • You have never felt these kinds of emotions before, you are numb from the pain, or conversely, you are feeling too much and you can't process all the events that have led up to now

  • You keep going over the same events, over and over again

Why is everyone different in their responses to grief?

The grief process is an adaptive response, not a straight line. Our lives are all different. Our circumstances are all unique. It is absolutely ok and very normal to feel different from other people whom we know are grieving or who have experienced grief in their past. This is your own personal experience. 


What is the goal of grief counseling? 

The goal of grief counseling is intended to help you process your feelings in a healthy way. To facilitate the unravelling of healthy aspects that are unique to each person, and learn to cope with all of the nuanced and erratic emotions you may be experiencing in a way that feels right for you. Counseling will not make you forget your loved one, and will not help avoid your grief.  

This is a new timeline for you, a new path, and you want to know who you are now. 



"The more connected we are to our own inner light, the more connected we

can feel to our loved ones.

However long it takes, it takes."
Dawna Koby


First, let's chat

Feel free to reach out so I can answer any questions you may have.

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