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Sad on Couch

You hurt, from so many angles. 

For so many of you, it has been a privilege to be there as a caregiver, whether part-time or full-time. During this period you have put so much of yourself away just to be able to handle, compartmentalize and basically function. You may be on your caregiving journey, or beyond.  Either way, you long to quiet all the opinions and well-intentioned voices and find your own voice again. My job is to provide you with a peaceful space to unload all that has happened.  Deep down you may long to find that safe place to react, release and grow in a way that feels healthy for you.  It's easy to become caught up in all of the circumstances, responsibilities, and grief. But, you are here, you matter, and taking care of yourself is taking care of the ones you love.

You need to say it outloud.

  • You want to talk about what happened with those who are not your friends or family. 

  • You understand that, yes, you have to move forward, but you had a front-row seat to all of it, while many times putting your own feelings deep down so you could be there for the ones you love. Now all that has happened is bubbling to the surface.

  • You are not the same person you were when all of this started. You want to find out who you are now. Some of you question who are you now without the loved one you cared for so much. 

  • You feel that no one can relate to your daily life, and how depleted you feel from all of it.

This is your time to pause and focus on who you are now, bring yourself back to life, and take care of the caretaker.​

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