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Who do I help?

I am a Grief Counsellor, a Coach, and someone who is passionate about helping others to allow themselves the permission to experience their grief and loss.  I will walk with you on your grief journey.  


I help those who are grieving and experiencing loss 

You may feel like none of this is real. and that this empty feeling will never end. You have experienced a great loss and now you are trying to navigate your life within this new normal. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our loss that even performing our day-to-day tasks can feel hard. It is okay and perfectly normal to feel this way. I will help you say what you need to say, and feel what you need to feel. 

Caregivers who long for a safe place to process their feelings while they are supporting their loved one 


You are trying so hard to move through each day, you are exhausted both physically and emotionally. You put on a brave face for the people in your life, including the one you are caring for right now. But inside you are hurting. You long for a safe place to put your feelings. You are experiencing so many losses even now. Counselling can be a place just for you to process what was and how you can take care of yourself and say the things you need to say about how you are feeling now. These are your precious feelings. 

Caregivers who are now grieving the loss of the one cared for and loved


It hit you like a ton of bricks. Now what? This all feels like a foggy dream. You may say to yourself “How could this have happened?” You have spent so much time, faith and care on the one you love, and now you feel lost.

I am here to support and walk with you, gently, in a judgement-free safe space. 

The Grief, Loss and Caregiving Journey

Your grief journey may have begun when your loved one became ill, or it may have happened suddenly. The end result is the same. You feel the same shock, sorrow, anger, numbness and sadness- how could this have happened?


If you are currently caring for your loved one, you may be experiencing feelings of loss and grief now, the pain is very real. I help caregivers process what they are feeling in a safe and judgment-free environment. This is you taking care of yourself too.

You may have been a caregiver, and now that your loved one is gone, you are devastated. So much to process, so many feelings happening at once. 


There are many 'firsts' that you must adjust to, in addition to new family dynamics. The person that held the family together is no longer here to be the glue. What about your friends? Are you receiving the support that you crave?


My mission is to help you navigate these choppy waters. You are not alone.

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