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Updated: Feb 16

What happens when we feel like we are grooving in our own zone? When we feel as though we are cooking with gas- a saying my Aunt uses when we have everything we need and ready to accomplish whatever we are working on in the moment. And then boom, something happens.

Life’s circumstances put a raging halt to our harmonious flow.

What do we do?

How do we not let the spikes of the hi-low rollercoaster that is life not creep into our DNA and change the way we think, or worse yet, reroute our inspired trajectory?

How does this happen?

Let’s think about this.

1. Who is driving the ship? Are we parachuting ourselves somewhere where we don't want to be? Or did something unravel in our lives that made us feel like we have no control?

2. We are tired. We lost the fire inside our belly, because either our lives are full of commitments, family, jobs or job searching. SO we find ourselves juggling our compounded responsibilities and now they have taken the place of our happy momentum.

3. We just stopped, we don't know why. We are blocked. We feel spent. We just lost our drive and now we don't know where to begin again.

How do we?

  • Stay the course

  • Course correct

  • Plot a new course

Mindset work and action are the key:

  1. Write down where you were in your life when things were going well.

  2. What circumstances led you to go off course?

  3. What are your options NOW to stay the course, course correct; or plot a brand new path?

  4. What actions can you take to shift your mindset and bring you back to your inspired self and take back control of the wheel?

➡ Meditate, it is a beautiful way to gain clarity, (my favorite way) whether it's 5, 10 or 20 minutes a day, your brain will thank you.

➡Find something or someone that inspires you and reminds you of what lit that fire in you in the first place.

We all experience the ebbs and flows of life. That is what makes us beautifully human.

So please, be kind to yourself. It’s ok if you are not in your flow, or if you are stuck, because the GOOD news is that you always have a place to go: forward!

It’s a decision. And it’s all yours to make.

Flow on.

Dawna xo

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