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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

One of the reasons why I’m writing about my daily reset is because I’ve been there: reframed, redone and reset- many times. I truly believe it is our divine right as humans to fulfill and live up to and maximize our true potential, within this circumference of thought is an exercise I frequently use: I hit (very hard!) a huge imaginary red RESET button. I can tell you it has been one of my biggest and most salient imaginary personal and professional tools in my life.

I have learned that most times we think we know what is needed to change our proverbial life. But, how can our mindset align with our purpose? How can we change our thoughts to kickstart our wants? What must happen is the work.

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.

I began on this imaginary (button hitting) habit religiously every morning before I drove myself to hospital to visit my beautiful Mother who was fighting the biggest battle of her life. I would begin this habit every morning with a big hit on my virtual red reset button then I would get going for the day. When I would return home from hospital very late at night, drained, heart pulled, I told myself tomorrow is a new day filled with different possibilities and positive outcomes; and I would actually look forward to my morning ritual of my reset. I liken it to a child’s pacifier or blanket.

I can’t tell you how quickly it would turn my mood around, similar to meditation (which I highly recommend) the more you do it, the faster it works. To be clear: I’m not saying that your problems will go away, no, no- or that the feeling of loss of any kind will go away. I’m saying it will allow your splattered self to get off the ground and self-soothe. This is just a starting point, But, understand that even starting points can be difficult, we have all been there, right?

Once we get it in our heads that there is no point in viewing our failures or pain as a regret, we can then make a call to action on ourselves- because we cannot go back in time to change the past (not yet at least). The only things we can control are our reactions and actions. Resetting is a way of saying to yourself “this happened, or this IS happening, but I choose to react differently.” Then the real work can begin.

Resetting and reframing are just the starting point. When you change your attitude, how you are feeling will vibrate out to the universe that you are ready for a reset, then the reframing begins.

What is the alternative?

Right now I’m resetting my career. I’m a life coach. I was a TV producer and an Entrepreneur. So I can tell you I’ve done lots of resets and reframes. One of the most common worries we all have is the fear of the unknown: the outcome.

We ask ourselves “Will this work? Will I have many clients?

Will my business take off? IS this worth the risk, the time, and the investment?”

My answer to this again is: if we use failures as a reset, not a regret, paired with hard work, accountability, and faith then go for it.

The alternative is remaining in the same place, albeit comfortable, but not how we will grow.

I try to teach my kids to do this in their day-to-day lives because, in truth, every day IS A GIFT. And, when the universe gifts us with the treasure of a new day we can treat it how we would like. Hitting the reset button for me gave me a dash of daily hope, and the feeling that today is a new shiny day with endless outcomes. It kept my spirit lifted through what was one of the most difficult periods of my family's life.

This has been a turbulent year with COVID. These are unknown waters.

I say let's be proud of ourselves. As long as we have this gift of life, we have the ultimate power to reset. Love yourselves and those you hold dear.

Wishing all of your days, a happy and healthy reset.

Dawna xo

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