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My BackStory

To dive right in, everything in my world was turned upside down when I experienced a devastating loss.  It is mind-blowing how our worlds can so easily be altered in a moment, and how precarious life itself is. My daily routines, my outlook on life and my priorities completely shifted. 


As I searched for answers on my grief journey, through books, listening to podcasts, and taking courses, I became aware that a great number of people were also searching for help and a safe space to share their feelings about their new reality, which did not involve their family or friends.


 For this reason, I felt inspired and compelled to become certified and trained as a Grief Counsellor, to support, walk alongside, and hold space for others who need to process their feelings of grief and loss in a way that makes them feel seen, and heard.  I am grateful for my certification from Taking Flight International, in addition, I am certified by the Canadian Council of Professional Certifications (CCPC Global.)


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Classical Studies from the University of Western Ontario and began my career working in network television as a Producer in New York City.


Then, the opportunity presented itself for me to continue working in television in my hometown of Montreal. After creating my best production to date: my family, I decided to embark on an exciting new path and become an entrepreneur.


Helping other people has always felt like a calling to me, and so I added Certified Life Coach to my professional roster, doing so has also brought me immense joy. 


As my education and life experience have grown, so too has my collection of tools. Everything we are, and everything we become, is a constant process of growth and change in response to the myriad of unexpected circumstances that enter our lives on a daily basis.

Please remember you do, in fact, have that light inside of you, and I believe that the more connected you are to your own light, the more connected you are to the loved ones you miss so much. I made a choice to let the light back in, and since then, I have made it my mission to assist others in re-establishing their connection to the light within themselves.  

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