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about me


Helping to inspire people to discover their passions and reframe their lives has been something that has given me great joy in my life.  As a result, it was both a natural and rewarding decision for me to move towards a career in life wellness. 


The idea of changing your life or, better yet, stepping back into your life, greatly resonates with me. I have been there myself, and know firsthand how motivation and transformation can feel beautifully robust (one of my favourite words!) when someone is walking along with you. 


My motivation is strongly attached to my why:  I have experienced changing paths both personally and professionally, even when it felt scary. I also know how energizing it can feel to explore and nurture my own strengths and passions. I believe we all have it in us to reset, reframe and refocus. We all have nuanced life experiences in both our personal and professional lives and I say: own them. Own the good and the not-so-good.  


If you are ready to live a life that makes you happy, through support and compassion, then let’s find out, together, who you are now. 

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