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Breakdown: About Me

Choose You. Everyday.

Make the rest of your life 

The BEST of your life.

Stop being a spectator in your OWN story. 


⚡️Find out the one thing we take for granted we can choose to do to help us to move forward.

Shouldn't the next phase include you? 

I help my clients who are tired of being spectators in their own world.  You have experienced success before. Then life happened.

Now you are ready to meet yourself again and expand your world to include you. You are ready to embark on the next chapter of your life, YOU are still in there.


I am a certified Life Coach who specializes in helping people who are going through a transition in their personal lives, and as a result, it has affected all aspects of their world. I am a Mom, a trained Life Coach (a Producer and Online Entrepreneur in my other life), and an idea generator. I love having a good hearty laugh and spending time with my family. My passion is helping my clients to see the innate power in themselves so they can expand their professional and personal goals to create real direction in their lives. 

My joy comes from watching my clients grow and transform. 

Working together IS for you if:

  • You are fading into the background of your life 

  • You HAVE experienced success before, but can't seem to get it together to refocus and make time to create a plan or direction.

  • You think I have no time, no energy and my brain is full, how can I? 

  • You are moving into a new chapter, maybe you are at the beginning, or the 3rd, whichever one it is, you need to clear the deck, reset and refocus 

  • You can’t sleep because of the long list of having to’s and should do’s

  • You can’t see a way to create something for yourself

  • You have no balance in your life, you come last 

  • To the world, you are happy but inside, fed up, exhausted, and ready to meet yourself again, but you don’t even know who that girl is anymore 


Working together is NOT for you if:

  • You live a balanced life, and you are rocking your family, health, and biz

  • Your relationships are amazing, you have total support from friends and family to do YOU

  • You carve out time every day to take care of yourself and  your family 

  • You know who you are NOW and are in tune with your needs and direction 


A taste of what we will tackle:

⭐️Get clear on what your big picture looks like and take powerful action to bring it to fruition.

⭐️Unpack what has been blocking you or weighing you down, so you can move forward lighter, and happier.

⭐️Create a self-care plan from the inside out, boundary and goal setting. 

⭐️Fill in the blind spots and brainstorm your mission statement personally and professionally, build your self-worth so you can arrive with the ability to be a leader in your OWN life.

⭐️Unpack the negative blocks that no longer serve you, and take the steps to create a solid foundation so you can feel an actual change in a productive way that feels exciting and doable, YES!

⭐️Let’s ignite the purpose process and create habits to anchor you when you need to reground.

⭐️Create a plan YOU feel good about that will be your road map moving forward.

My other PASSIONS:

⚡️Laser Brainstorm Sessions:

You tell me your situation, and we will start brainstorming. 

I will help you fill in the blind spots.

From career, life path, or relationship goals.

Akashic Soul Gift Readings:

Energy work to provide you with your primary and secondary gifts, find out how you create and manifest. Information that validates your operating system, your self-awareness, and where your mindset, inspiration, and action are aligned. 


Via Zoom

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